• Memberships run from the day of the shoot to the day before the following years shoot. Cost for 2016/2017 is $50.00.
  • Memberships are Non-transferable.
  • Release forms must be signed and on file for membership.
  • When submitting registration, please include a photo (head shot) for creation of ID card.
  • When using the GMBSC property you must have in your possession your ID card and Gate key.
  • A GMBSC membership gives you access to the range ALL season long except during shooting events.
  • The road to the range may be very muddy and unstable during mud season and should not be driven on.
  • There are no range officers, or safety personnel at the range except for the July event so please exercise extreme caution.
  • Camping is allowed.
  • All trash is to be picked up and any fires completely extinguished
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